New fresh cakes !

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Yummy! Cheese cake yang tak jemu dimakan. Tak terlalu manis :)

Butter , Cheese and Cappuccino cakes are waiting for you!

Beautifully-decorated cakes could lift one's eyebrows
RM38.00 / KG
RM55.00 / KG
RM50.00 / KG
RM65.00 / KG

RM65.00 / KG

Surprise your loved ones with smooth and delightful cakes

RM 75.00/KG
RM58.00 / KG

Want something new? Try this lip-smacking cappuccino flavour!

RM 65.00 / KG

Black forest cake

Black Forest Lovers! Enjoy this at reasonable price!
RM 46.00/ KG

Barbie Girl Cakes

Especially for girls out there!

RM 80.00 / UNIT
RM 50.00 / UNIT
RM 45.00 / UNIT

RM 38.00 / UNIT

RM 38.00 / UNIT

Little girls have never been so happy to have these as their birthday cakes! :)

Swiss Roll , Tart and Chocolate Chips

Take a break , people!

Rolling with this spongy and colourful SWISS ROLL!!
                                          RM 4.50 / SPIRAL(batang)

Let your taste buds filled with these scrumptious CHEESE TART
                                                           RM 2.20 / UNIT

"Tingg ting! I have a pretty dress." - CHOCOLATE CHIPS
                                                         RM 2.00 / UNIT